ProFTPD with mod_sql pre-authentication, remote root

This paper describes and explores a pre-authentication remote root heap overflow in the ProFTPD [1] FTP server. It's not quite a standard overflow, due to the how the ProFTPD heap works, and how the bug is exploited via variable substition. The vulnerability was inadvertently mitigated (from remote root, at least :( ) when the ProFTPD developers fixed a separate vulnerability in mod_sql where you could inject SQL and bypass authentication. That vulnerability that mitigated it is documented in CVE-2009-0542. The specific vulnerability we are exploring is an unbounded copy operation in sql_prepare_where(), which has not been fixed yet. Also, I'd like to preemptively apologise for the attached code. It evolved over time in piecemeal fashion, and isn't overly pretty/readable by now.

Full Document and Exploit here
Documento completo y Exploit aquí